My Name is Anna and I am a yoga teacher with italian origins. As I come from the biodynamic agricolture, I felt always very connected with nature.

I have decided to become a Yoga teacher because I wanted to share this special connection to the nature and the forces of the universe with other people.

In the course of my further education, I have specialised in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, whose main focus lies in the breathing and in the transition of the movements.

My classes are very well suitable for beginners as well as for advanced Yogies. Many Yoga positions are available in different versions and in a different level of difficulty. So everyone, depending on his experience, can choose the version he feels more comfortable with.

And always remember: There is no competition in doing Yoga! It is just all about your personal well-being and about finding the own balance.

With my Yoga training I would like to help you to achieve this.
Please contact me for a free consultation!

All the best,



When I met Anna the first time, I was new to yoga and didn´t have any previous experience with yoga. Anna is a very patient teacher and everybody can feel, that she loves her work. To take part of her class was the second best decision I have made.

Heini Summerer

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